Psychosomatic Disorder Treatment

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Psychosomatic Disorder Counseling

PsychoSomatic (Mind / Body) counseling explores the connection between your body and mind and how they relate to your health.  If you have any physical or health symptoms that you have been unsuccessfully resolved through physical means alone, then an emotional connection relating to any of your symptoms can be explored.

An event is always neutral until our perceptions and beliefs are placed upon it, which polarize it into an emotion – making us feel ‘happy’ or ‘sad’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ etc to ourselves or someone/thing else.  If you feel your life is being affected by past events and emotions, the first objective is to recognize your biggest emotional charge to that event.  The second is to work on neutralizing this and any other emotional charge.  The process is done through simply answering a variety of key questions relating to the event/emotion.

This has a profound effect on your emotional state towards the past and therefore your life now, as well as the future.  The techniques taught empower the individual and can be applied for the rest of your life, as additional challenges arise.

Our body, made up of single cells, is vibratory & electromagnetic in nature. It therefore gives off and receives information from within and without (the external environment). This is how our cells respond to emotional perceptions and beliefs within the body. In a stressed state our cells contract, altering their normal function, which leads to nutrients not being taken in as well, and waste products not being removed as well – leading to disease. Just like the frequencies and wavelength’s change with different colors of a rainbow, so too does our body, when it comes to the various emotions and life events experienced; which are manifested and related as a disease in particular body regions and organs.

Psychosomatic Disorder Treatment
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